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Ready for great care?

To provide you with our best attention & focus,

please take the time to see the different services that may benefit you and schedule the appropriate time for your best experience! If you would like to reach out with your goals, we can recommend which services to look at.

Chiropractic Adjustment

This is about more than feeling pain relief.


Your brain communicates to your nervous system through your spine. 

Staying aligned allows for better function, mobility, and highly essential communication throughout your body.

First vist- $125
Adjustment- $75

Low Level Laser Therapy

Imagine being able to directly recharge the source of your body's healing abilities on a cellular level.


  • Decrease Pain

  • Decrease Inflammation 

  • Increase Cellular Healing

  • Increase Cellular Communication

during the month of august 2023 included with adjustment

Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes could be seen as the little workers in our body making sure everything flows and functions as it should.

When our body isn't producing enough enzymes to keep up with the job we can supplement by taking enzymes.

We would love for you to schedule time for us to sit down and explore which enzyme protocol would best fit your life and goals.

Prices vary
Place order over
phone/email or in office

Massage Therapy

Jasmine's approach is holistic, and intuitive and integrates traditional modalities such as Swedish and deep tissue with alternative practices such as acupressure and sound healing.

Massage Therapy - $130

Adjustment Package

A bundle of 5 (five) chiropractic adjustments! 

Five bundle - $340

learn the impact these services make on health


"I can see the results faster than I have with any other chiropractor I have been to.


My mind, body and spirit have been clearer and I can tell that it's really working in every aspect of my life.


I love the energy of the space and I actually feel heard & seen. I feel like I'm getting specialized care just for me.


I value the spiritual aspect of it and of course the path to being pain free."


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