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Q & A

Q: Do you only provide chiropractic adjustments?
A: The Body Carpenter provides A LOT more than just adjustments, the variety of services we offer are intended to provide you with an assortment of tools to approach your goals. Please see our service page for a better understanding of our different service options.
Q: Is it appointment only?
A: We are available for walk-in appointments if time allows, but strongly recommend scheduling an appropriate time if you would like to guarantee the services you seek.
Q: Is Insurance accepted?
A: We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, but that is for adjustments. Many of our services outside of chiropractic adjustments are not covered by insurance, which is why we have our cash prices available on our services page.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are happy to finally be full-time in Hot Springs at 625 Albert Pike Rd. 
Q: What should I expect at an appointment?
A: Please arrive early to your appointment and be ready to fill out our kiosk with a few questions so we can understand where you're currently art. Once you fill out the kiosk, we will begin your scheduled service! If you request additional services during your appointment we may have to schedule them for a future date.
Q: how do i schedule an appointment?
A: Once you know which services you would like to schedule an appointment for, book online at or call (501)353-2595 and book! 
Q: how Do I order enzymes?
A:  Once you're ready to order your enzymes you can call, email, or place your order in office. Enzymes can be picked up within three business days or they can be shipped to you. 
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