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The Three Types of Care

The main difference between pain care and holistic care is quick relief and long-term quality of life and resilience.

How often should you get your adjustment if you are seeking holistic care? This depends on the amount of stress your mind and body endure on a daily basis. Each person is individual in how they manage stress and how stress impacts physicality and function.

If you live a high-stress lifestyle and manage pretty well, drink your spring water, get your sleep, do the emotional work, have healthy boundaries, and enjoy some nature, 2 - 4 visits per month is great maintenance.

When stressful times hit, 1 - 2 visits per week will assist your system in finding balance faster.

When the cocoon stage of healing hits, progress isn’t lost! This is where all of the hard work you have put forth has a chance to integrate at a deeper level.

If these options are overwhelming and holistic seems out of reach, one visit per month for 12 months can do wonders. No expectation necessary. Showing up for yourself with one intentional visit per month for one year can shift life. No expectation necessary.

What are the Three Types of Care you can experience?

Intensive care is where the most frequent visits occur. This is where symptoms disappear quickly, or sensation and quality of life can shift largely in any direction. To alter a structure, stability must be removed. Because of this, the possibility of shifting from great improvement to back to where you started is high. This is why the frequency of visits is highest during intensive care.

Corrective care is pretty boring. It seems like you have reached a plateau that may never be surmounted. It can seem like your progress is stuck between two points. This is your new normal, and this is what the body experiences as stability. The mind wants progress. The body wants stability. This is the place where we integrate fundamentals & tweak mindset to support body progress. At this place, the body will hold still for several visits and improve by leaps and bounds overnight. Mindset work & fundamentals are imperative to move past this phase.

Wellness care is the new balance of fluidity within your nervous system and body. There is a new and stable normal with room for continuous improvement. The body and nervous system heal quickly with little or no alertness, and discomfort is relative here. This is where room for creativity and quality of life continues to expand. You aren’t working around your pain in this phase!!

With holistic chiropractic, visits get better and better. There is no bouncing between point A and point B. The impact is exponential and compounding. Linear improvement happens quickly. Compounding effects show up almost immediately. This is where letting go of expectations of what your body can accomplish comes in.

The body is magical. The mind can limit the body. The mind can get trapped in the idea of what pain does and doesn’t mean and what is and is not possible. It’s supposed to be this way. This mechanism is what keeps us alive. It’s called the Ego. However, the constraints of the mind can be shifted in a safe & fun way as the body surpasses what the mind previously thought was possible.

If you would like to discover which phase you are in and begin a plan, you can schedule online as soon as right now.

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