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If Your Spine Was Visible

How would your self-care & health care routine change if your spine was visible?

Imagine all of us walking around with our spines and bones visible just like our teeth.

What if we could see the specific way that our bones & joints articulated when at rest. What if we could see how smoothly our joints glide through movement throughout daily activity? The ones that didn’t move so well would catch our attention quickly.

What if we could see the smoothness of the neck curve, mid back curve, and the lower back curve? What if we could see how perfectly the spine protects our nerves and brain when in the proper position? What if we could see the amount of pressure on our electrical system when the bones and joints settled into a more secure but abnormal position?

What if we could see where the muscles, tendons, & ligaments attached to the bones? We would know which ones were tight, which ones were asleep, and which ones were tired. We would also see when a single joint or bone was the cause or if the entire structure needed attention.

It would be seen as a choice to either proactively tend to the body’s main frame or ignore fundamentals & maintenance until an emergency presents itself.

Most of us know the basics for dental care is to brush and floss daily. The choice to include that within our daily routine is just that. A choice.

If our spines were visible, musculoskeletal health & nervous system function might be a priority versus an option or last resort.

If fundamentals become a priority to enough of the population, how many health problems & diseases would naturally disappear?

If tending to fundamentals of the mind, body & soul were a way of life & pain management was seen as the “pause” button until a root cause was discovered, what would life be like?

Imagine a planet full of regulated & happy humans connected by love with a deep understanding of self.

To me, this begins with a bomb holistic chiropractic adjustment surrounded by culture of safety, support, & connection... And a lot of fun!

It’s taken me 15 years to dream up this sort of Utopia.

It has been built one piece at a time. It’s name is The Body Carpenter ❤️

-Dr. Caroline

Be kind to your spine and book online at

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