Nutritional Guidance
based on your genetics!
How would you like to walk into any restaurant or store, knowing what food to get and how your body will respond?
This isn't a fad, this is your genetics.
To give you the best tools in reaching your goals we include:
Your Max Gen Genetics Panel
TWO nutritional counseling sessions with Dr. Caroline Carpenter 
A binder with your plan including

  •  Health Pie Chart

  • Weight Pie Chart

  • Pain Pie Chart

  • Water & Sleep Recommendations 

  • Manageable Expectations

  • Responding to Change 

  • Micro Nutrients

  • Alternative Words for Gluten and Sugar

  • Reading Labels

  • How Your Nutrition Influences Your (Weight, Mood, Allergies, Fertility)

  • Foods that are Fuels

  • Foods That are Toxins / Inflammatory

  • Clean 15 / Dirty Dozen

  • Cooking Oil Guide

  • Red Flags Based on Genetics Report

  • Brain Health Recommendations

  • Recommended Enzymes

  • Recommended Exercise 

  • Recommended Practitioners 

  • Putting it all Together 

Please note when booking:
You are scheduling the time to come in and take your test. 
The additional counseling sessions will be scheduled at that time.
Check out our interview with Tristian & how the Genetics Test helped him reach a goal he tried to reach through several strict diets.