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Food Diva

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It's time to align with food so that it SERVES YOU emotionally and physically. Ready to achieve your food & health goals? Understanding your existing habits and leveraging them as you reconnect with your body can go a long way in creating a healthy lifestyle you love with balance. What do we cover to pour all that magic your way? >>> The role water really plays and the habit that changed lives. >>> The approach so we stay sane through this change. >>> The process that exposes your REAL habits to yourself. >>> How to know if you're even hungry or full. >>> How to reset your taste buds so the cravings help you. (Yes, this is possible.) >>> The approach to portions so you can leave behind "guilt plates." >>> How to interpret as your body tells you exactly what it wants. THEN we go on to navigate this self-awareness while in the external world. >>> I'm exposing the food industries dirty secrets on how we were manipulated into this struggle bus lifestyle in the first place. >>> How to identify "safe foods." >>> How to outsmart the grocery store when you shop. >>> Knowing how to keep enjoyment meals balanced in the loop!




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