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Welcome to The Body Carpenter! A full-service chiropractic and functional medicine provider in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our goal is to determine the underlying problems our patients face ranging from mental and physical health to nutritional health. Everyone has been to WebMD where there are millions of options for so called “solutions”. Our goal is to help you heal for the long-term. We utilize chiropractic adjustments, nutrition-based therapy, Graston technique, movement therapy, and even psychology. We want to be the “therapist” for your body. 


Founder and owner, Dr. Caroline Carpenter, was obsessed with nutrition as a child, struggling to lose weight and stabilize her hormones. She strived to understand how environmental factors, genetic predispositions, exercise etc. influenced our everyday lives. After attending undergrad at the University of Arkansas, she moved to Davenport, Iowa to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Caroline is passionate about treating the whole patient, where typical chiropractic care only scratches the surface. 


Our Sauna blanket helps detoxify the body and deliver nutrients to help repair muscles quickly


Instead of trying to pause the pain, learn to move the right way


Nutrition is foundational to a proper function, we want to help you navigate through the information and find what works for your body





Chiropractic care is a natural way to exponential healing

Identifying and addressing adhesions that create tension & pain

Eating the right foods but not digesting properly? We can help!

The world of wellness can be overwhelming. Want to talk through your options? Dr. Caroline offers short sessions to get to the bottom of your problems and help you reach your goals!


Find out what makes you, you from the inside out. We offer comprehensive genetics testing 


"I can move again! I have been having hip/back issues for several months and she investigated the cause of the problem. I'm on the road to deadlifting again!"


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the body carpenter

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