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Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is at the heart of every
resource & service we provide.

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Mission & ABOUT

Self-healing starts

with self-love

Welcome to The Body Carpenter!

Chiropractic & Holistic Health

We care about your whole body health and that is why we hit home on self-love first. 

We aren't saying your self-love skills have to be perfect, there is always room to grow and Dr. Caroline learned the hard way several times before embracing that it was not only the education and resources that got her best results... It was when she paired them with a certain love for herself.

This is the art of having enough love for yourself that you'll find & learn the resources. That you will see it through when challenges arise. That you celebrate your goals instead of looping into a cycle of sabotage.


Our goal is to help you heal for the long-term. Through educational resources, digital courses, programs, chiropractic adjustments, nutrition-based therapy, Graston technique, movement therapy, and even psychology. We want to be the “therapist” for your body. 

Serving Hot Springs at

625 Albert Pike Rd!

After a childhood of struggling with weight and health, Dr. Caroline Carpenter has dedicated her life to understanding how to craft and maintain the human body.

Dr. Caroline has spent more than two decades learning the tools to help people become their optimal selves, despite the limitations she was warned against. 

This led her to study food science, Chiropractic, laser therapy, supplementation, enzyme therapy, muscle testing, functional neurology, opening two practices, writing a book, and more!

If her efforts result in another human experiencing limit-defying health then it is worth her energy.

You entering this swirl, is you deciding to defy these limits.

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Our Sauna blanket helps detoxify the body and deliver nutrients to help repair muscles quickly

what WE DO





Chiropractic care is a natural way to exponential healing

A contact-free modality that allows healing to take place on a cellular level.

Eating the right foods but not digesting properly? We can help!

Make sense of your test results and how they relate with your goals in a genetics test review.


Allow your muscular system to align in addition to your skeletal system.


We have multiple modalities when aiding with soft-tissue therapy for your relief.


"I can see the results faster than I have with any other chiropractor I have been to.


My mind, body and spirit have been clearer and I can tell that it's really working in every aspect of my life.


I love the energy of the space and I actually feel heard & seen. I feel like I'm getting specialized care just for me.


I value the spiritual aspect of it and of course the path to being pain free."


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